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ASA Transcontinental Showcase Starting Lineup

Phakisa Freeway
January 31, 2010
ASA Transcontinental Series
1.5-Mile Superspeedway
207 Laps/311 Miles
Phakisa Freeway
1(19)Tiffany DanielsSnowtheracehorse/Marc Davis Motorsports Toyota0.000   0.000
2(20)Gugu ZuluPhakisa Freeway Chevrolet0.000   0.000
3(08)Rick McCrayRick McCray Chevrolet10.000   540.000
4(8)Geoff BodineRick McCray Chevrolet36.015   149.938
5(52)Chris WimmerPhilly's Subs Chevrolet36.506   147.921
6(09)John MickelRS Capp Chevrolet36.643   147.368
7(F22)Russ BlakeleyFive Star Car Bodies Ford36.934   146.207
8(90)Toni McCrayLucas Oil Chevrolet37.049   145.753
9(F66)Steve CarlsonFive Star Car Bodies Ford37.058   145.718
10(11)Jaco CorreiaLiqui Moly Chevrolet37.475   144.096
11(96)Marc DavisWHUR 96.3/The Word Network/Marc Davis Motorsports Chevrolet37.790   142.895
12(97)Mark EbertPhezulu Plant/JCP Ford37.790   142.895
13(22)Johan CronjePhezulu Plant/JCP Ford37.868   142.601
14(98)Shaun RichardsonPositive Quality Trailers Australia Toyota37.972   142.210
15(73)Gary LewisMidgley Motorsports Chevrolet38.148   141.554
16(68)Danie CorreiaLiqui Moly Chevrolet38.252   141.169
17(55)Greg BarnhartRon Barfield Incorporated Dodge38.788   139.218
18(80)Mark ShafferDon Robi Ford39.747   135.859
19(41)Ron NormanTBA Chevrolet39.831   135.573
20(85)Lance FentonFenton Motors Group Dodge40.081   134.727
21(61)Tim OlsonTBA Chevrolet40.977   131.781
22(31)Dustin Dodge42.119   128.208
23(900)Johann SpiesSpeedsport Motorsports Cape Town Chevrolet42.332   127.563
24(00)Johan CoetzerPhezulu Plant/JCP/Speed Pro Racing Ford42.571   126.847

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