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NASCAR All-Star Showdown (Super Late Model Series) Starting Lineup

Irwindale Event Center
January 28, 2011
NASCAR All-Star Showdown
0.5-Mile Short Track
75 Laps/38 Miles
Irwindale Event Center
1(03)Rod JohnsonSunrise Ford / King Taco Ford17.732   101.511
2(71)Nick JoanidesPro Cast Chevrolet17.912   100.491
3(9)Scott DoddJPU & Lucas Oil Chevrolet17.942   100.323
4(22)Andy AllenRJ Allen Inc. Ford17.880   100.671
5(70)Kevin ThompsonAmeritex Ford17.946   100.301
6(11)Ryan PartridgeEshleman Racing Chevrolet17.903   100.542
7(19)Dan MooreD&D Construction Specialties Ford17.934   100.368
8(66)Alex HaaseThomson Motorsports Chevrolet18.113   99.376
9(31)Jason FraserBrokk Rentals, Inc Chevrolet17.902   100.547
10(04)Ryan ReedVallarta Supermarket Chevrolet17.913   100.486
11(25)Danny BoppAmazing Grass/Petrol Eyewear Chevrolet18.056   99.690
12(43)Dennis FurdenHill-ROM Chevrolet17.811   101.061
13(1)Dustin AshAmerican Band Accessories Ford17.990   100.056
14(79)Gary JenkinsJenkins Insurance Chevrolet18.215   98.820
15(33)Kevin ConwayExtenze Ford18.153   99.157
16(26)Chris GerchmanSTR/Lee Power Steering Chevrolet18.511   97.239
17(17)Jason PatisonLucas Oil Chevrolet17.858   100.795
18(99)Brandon LoverockEqualibryum Wristbands Chevrolet18.064   99.646
19(05)Eric SchmidtSierra Speed Tech Ford18.166   99.086
20(27b)Mark ShafferPerformance Engine & Machine Chevrolet18.784   95.826
21(39)Kyle NeveauClass Auto Center Chevrolet18.113   99.376
22(95)Bear RzesnowieckyUniversal Automotive Ford18.047   99.740
23(96)Jerry ThitchenerJerry Thitchener Racing, LLC Chevrolet18.618   96.681
24(27)Cassie GannisMancavesite Chevrolet20.505   87.783
25(91)Jack MadridSocail Ind., Davis Blueprint,King Equip. Chevrolet17.779   101.243

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