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Busch Nashville 420 Race Results

Nashville Speedway
July 10, 1982
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
420 Laps/0 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
1311 Darrell WaltripMountain Dew Buick42018522,025  Running
2944 Terry Labonte Texas Jeans Chevrolet4191708,595  Running
3833 Harry Gant 7-Eleven / Skoal Bandit Buick4191656,805  Running
4163 Ricky RuddPiedmont Airlines Pontiac4191605,360  Running
542 Tim Richmond Stacy-Pak Buick4191554,175  Running
61150 Geoff BodinePerformance Connection Pontiac4181508,435  Running
71543 Richard Petty STP Pontiac4181468,235  Running
81490 Jody Ridley J.D. Stacy Ford4171427,635  Running
91315 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Jeans Ford4171387,635  Running
10547 Ron Bouchard J.D. Stacy Buick4141347,185  Running
111771 Dave Marcis Hudson Transmission Chevrolet4141303,055  Running
12675 Joe RuttmanPet Dairy Buick4121272,845  Running
132317 Lake Speed Yazoo Mowers Buick4111242,685  Running
141952 Jimmy MeansBroadway Motors Chevrolet4031212,475  Running
15702 Mark Martin Apache Stove / Rogers Pontiac4001182,385  Running
162586 Darryl Sage Space Age Chevrolet400115885  Running
182064 Tommy Gale Sunny King Ford & Honda Ford3951091,910  Running
191288 Bobby AllisonGatorade Chevrolet3941065,460  Running
202848 James Hylton Palatine Auto Parts Pontiac3811031,935  Engine
21109 Bill Elliott Melling Tool Ford3701051,010  Engine
222467 Buddy Arrington Hills Racing Dodge261971,185  Engine
231842 Kyle PettySTP / UNO Pontiac241941,160  Rear End
24228 Buddy Baker J.D. Stacy Pontiac230917,835  Engine
26198 Morgan ShepherdLevi Garrett Buick169901,805  Engine
272624 Lennie Pond Gordon Racing Buick53821,100  Engine
282240 Slick Johnson Price Racing Buick4479595  Ignition

Time of Race .: 2 Hours 53 Minutes 35 Seconds

Average Speed .:86.524

Margin of Victory .: 1.000 Seconds

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