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Busch Nashville 420 Race Results

Nashville Speedway
July 16, 1983
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
420 Laps/0 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
1315 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Ford42018523,125  Running
2211 Darrell WaltripPepsi Challenger Chevrolet42017516,425  Running
31327 Tim Richmond Old Milwaukee Pontiac4191658,030  Running
41122 Bobby AllisonMiller High Life Buick4191659,400  Running
563 Ricky RuddPiedmont Airlines Chevrolet4171554,770  Running
6475 Neil Bonnett Hodgdon Chevrolet4171556,800  Running
799 Bill Elliott Melling Oil Pumps Ford4161463,850  Running
81033 Harry Gant Skoal Bandit Buick4161428,200  Running
9771 Dave Marcis W.H. Bolin Chevrolet4161437,600  Running
1082 Morgan ShepherdACM Equipment Sales Buick4141348,010  Running
111544 Terry Labonte Budweiser Chevrolet4121303,190  Running
122152 Jimmy MeansBroadway Motors Chevrolet4121273,020  Running
132348 Trevor BoysHylton-McCaig Chevrolet4111243,360  Running
142090 Dick Brooks Chameleon Sunglasses Ford4111212,800  Running
151817 Sterling MarlinHesco Exhaust Pontiac4091183,315  Running
161488 Geoff BodineGatorade Pontiac4061153,950  Running
18266 Al Elmore World Cup Buick39302,025  Running
191643 Richard Petty STP Pontiac3921065,575  Running
20127 Kyle Petty7-Eleven Pontiac3891031,950  Running
212819 Steve Gray Gray Racing Buick376100825  Running
22598 Joe RuttmanLevi Garrett Pontiac348971,300  Running
232241 Ronnie Thomas Advance Auto Parts Pontiac34494775  Running
243067 Buddy Arrington Arrington Racing Chrysler269911,250  Engine
252718 Don Satterfield Satterfield Racing Buick2270725  Engine
261786 Darryl Sage Sage Racing Chevrolet2090720  Engine
27147 Ron Bouchard Race Hill Farm Buick148822,415  Engine
282964 Tommy Gale Sunny King Ford & Honda Ford77791,210  Engine
291996 Jimmy WalkerCronkrite Racing Ford5076705  Overheating

Time of Race .: 2 Hours 55 Minutes 12 Seconds

Average Speed .:85.726

Margin of Victory .: 11.000 Seconds

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