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Wrangler Sanfor-Set 400 Race Results

Richmond International Raceway
September 08, 1985
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
0.75-Mile Short Track
400 Laps/300 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
12211 Darrell WaltripBudweiser Chevrolet40018035,300  Running
2444 Terry Labonte Piedmont Airlines Chevrolet40018023,850  Running
31943 Richard Petty STP Pontiac40017014,625  Running
493 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Jeans Chevrolet40016512,050  Running
5315 Ricky RuddMotorcraft Ford4001609,900  Running
6233 Harry Gant Skoal Bandit Chevrolet40015011,275  Running
715 Geoff BodineLevi Garrett Chevrolet39915112,400  Running
8107 Kyle Petty7-Eleven Ford3991475,960  Running
92312 Neil Bonnett Budweiser Chevrolet3981388,625  Running
101618 Tommy Ellis   Chevrolet3981342,875  Running
111375 Lake Speed Nationwise Auto Parts Pontiac3981304,905  Running
1259 Bill Elliott Coors Ford3981278,755  Running
13112 Rusty Wallace Alugard Pontiac3971245,495  Running
141527 Tim Richmond Old Milwaukee Pontiac3951214,215  Running
151890 Ken SchraderUltra Seal Ford3951184,975  Running
162088 Buddy Baker Bull Frog Knits Oldsmobile3941153,895  Running
172471 Dave Marcis AEL Rentals Chevrolet3941123,715  Running
18747 Ron Bouchard Valvoline Buick3921094,285  Running
192532 Alan Kulwicki Hardee's Ford3921061,250  Running
20677 Greg Sacks Miller American Buick3921036,565  Running
21128 Bobby Hillin Jr Trap Rock Industries Chevrolet3921002,270  Running
222767 Buddy Arrington Vinton Motors Ford389973,075  Running
231752 Jimmy MeansNichols Pontiac381942,750  Running
242864 Clark Dwyer Sunny King Ford379912,705  Running
252649 Lennie Pond Hylton Racing Chevrolet37602,810  Running
271417 Phil Parsons Skoal Bandit Chevrolet270821,920  Engine
28822 Bobby AllisonMiller American Buick22279885  Accident
29296 Eddie Bierschwale U.S. Racing Chevrolet215761,900  Accident
302100 Morgan ShepherdHelen Rae Special Chevrolet28731,515  Accident

Time of Race .: 2 Hours 58 Minutes 54 Seconds

Average Speed .:72.508

Margin of Victory .: 1.000 Seconds

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