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USG Sheetrock 400 Race Results

Chicagoland Speedway
July 10, 2005
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
1.5-Mile paved track
267 Laps/401 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
1258 Dale Earnhardt Jr Budweiser / MLB All-Star Game Chevrolet267185325,033  Running
2417 Matt KensethUSG Ford267180265,201  Running
3148 Jimmie JohnsonLowe's Chevrolet267170217,266  Running
4525 Brian VickersGMAC / Chevrolet267160146,300  Running
51320 Tony StewartThe Home Depot Chevrolet267155169,561  Running
62219 Jeremy MayfieldDodge Dealers / UAW Dodge267150135,220  Running
72821 Ricky RuddMotorcraft Genuine Parts Ford267146130,564  Running
81997 Kurt BuschSharpie / Irwin Industrial Tools Ford267142148,775  Running
9341 Casey MearsTarget / Kraft Dodge267138125,608  Running
10206 Mark Martin Viagra Ford267134112,375  Running
11616 Greg BifflePost-it / National Guard Ford267135107,625  Running
12332 Rusty Wallace Miller Genuine Draft Dodge267127123,458  Running
132618 Bobby LabonteBoniva Chevrolet267124126,350  Running
14245 Kyle BuschKellogg's Chevrolet26712199,600  Running
151501 Joe NemechekU.S. Army Chevrolet267118115,058  Running
163139 David StremmeNavy "Accelerate Your Life" Dodge26711584,800  Running
173022 Scott Wimmer Caterpillar Dodge267117110,158  Running
18888 Dale JarrettUPS Ford267109121,458  Running
19929 Kevin HarvickGM Goodwrench Chevrolet267106129,936  Running
204311 Jason LefflerFedEx Express Chevrolet26710393,050  Running
211732 Bobby Hamilton Jr Tide Chevrolet26710596,958  Running
223642 Jamie McMurrayHome123 Corp. Dodge2679792,600  Running
23710 Scott RiggsValvoline Chevrolet26794102,397  Running
244043 Jeff GreenCheerios / Betty Crocker Dodge26791112,136  Running
25424 Mike WallaceLucas Oil Products Chevrolet2679382,890  Running
264149 Ken SchraderSchwan's Home Service Dodge2679081,775  Running
272945 Kyle PettyGeorgia-Pacific / Brawny Dodge2678781,175  Running
283937 Kevin Lepage Patron Tequila Dodge2678480,075  Running
29212 Ryan NewmanMobil 1 / Alltel Dodge26281122,366  Running
303531 Jeff BurtonBass Pro Shops / Cingular Chevrolet26073103,970  Running
313251 Stuart KirbyMarathon Multipower-3 HD Motor Oil Chevrolet2597076,925  Running
323840 Sterling MarlinCoors Light Dodge25372104,633  Engine
331424 Jeff GordonDuPont Chevrolet24964126,211  Accident
34110 Mike BlissNetZero Best Buy Chevrolet2496176,325  Accident
35127 Robby GordonMenards Chevrolet2225876,125  Running
362715 Michael WaltripNAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet21455103,139  Accident
372338 Elliott SadlerCombos Ford21052115,691  Running
381007 Dave BlaneyJack Daniel's Chevrolet2004983,500  Accident
392199 Carl EdwardsOffice Depot Ford1704693,290  Running
403700 Carl LongSunquest Vacations Dodge1484375,080  Handling
41189 Kasey KahneDodge Dealers / UAW Dodge13840106,955  Engine
423444 Terry Labonte Pizza Hut Chevrolet1243774,695  Handling
431677 Travis KvapilJasper Engines / Kodak Dodge133482,486  Engine

Time of Race .: 3 Hours 8 Minutes 16 Seconds

Average Speed .:127.638

Margin of Victory .: 0.291 Second

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