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Frank's Chevrolet 125 Event Page

Yakima Speedway
May 01, 1999
NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, Northwest Series
0.5-Mile Short Track
126 Laps/63 Miles
Yakima Speedway
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Top 25 Point Standings After Frank's Chevrolet 125

PosDriverPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Avg Fin
1Pete Harding49231233.7
2Joe Constance43730127.7
3Shane Biles412302211.0
4Garrett Evans397301212.0
5Tom Sweatman390312214.0
6Jerry Fink387300111.7
7Ray Wallace386300212.0
8Kevin Hamlin376301113.3
9Kenny Rich374300113.3
10Ed Watson371300113.7
11Darren Shaw366301114.7
12Joe Benedetti36220126.5
13Tom Pinkowsky361300114.3
14Chris Hart360301115.3
15Kevin Quesnell349300115.7
16John Dillon346301217.3
17Harold Raczynski336300017.0
18Wilbur Bruce326300118.7
19Rick Allison320300119.0
20Wes Rhodes315300019.3
21Kenny Kaltschmidt294300021.7
22Bill Lawrence28220118.5
23Rick Suran279300023.3
24Greg Bennett276100011.0
25Gary Morris268200122.0
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