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Magic Valley Pipe 200 Race Results

Magic Valley Speedway
August 20, 2005
NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, Northwest Series
0.333-Mile Short Track
202 Laps/67 Miles - Purse: $51,245
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
168 Wilbur BruceSix Robblees/Quality Rentals Chevrolet2021802,700  Running
21039 Pete HardingGreat NW Homes Chevrolet2021702,200  Running
31118 John BenderOso Lumber Chevrolet2021651,900  Running
4769 Brandon RiehlAreo Turbines Chevrolet2021601,700  Running
51255 Ed WatsonCreekside Retirement Chevrolet2021551,600  Running
6527 Jeff BaileySharpe & Prezler Construction Chevrolet2021501,700  Running
71592 Bruce QualeMountain Dew/Dish Network Chevrolet2021461,000  Running
81484#Zan Sharp Chevrolet2021421,850  Running
9964 Garrett EvansLeo Evans Hyundai Chevrolet2021381,075  Running
10433 Travis BennettRainbow Enterprises/Knudson Lumber Chevrolet2011341,025  Running
111828 Matt HallQwik Evict/Affordable Graphics Chevrolet2011301,000  Running
121995 Chris MuhlerD & G Bodyworks/Owens Enterprise Ford201127700  Running
13325 John DillonFrontier Equipment Chevrolet201124850  Running
141314 John WoodMagic Valley Pipe & Steel Chevrolet197121600  Running
152281#Darren TrimbleOso Lumber Chevrolet197118775  Running
161738 Steven HowardGreat NW Homes Chevrolet195115750  Running
171646#Jeff BarkshireHooker Harness Dodge194112725  Accident
18219 Eddy McKeanMagic Valley Pipe & Steel Pontiac188109500  Accident
19231 Ed Thompson Chevrolet166106700  Accident
202111 James McVeySnap-On Tools Chevrolet163103700  Accident
21173 Gary LewisNutter Racing Engines/Victory Circle Chevrolet921001,100  Motor
22842 Jeff JeffersonLeMay Museum Chevrolet9297700  Accident
231476 Roger HabichThe Rock Church Chevrolet1494700  Accident
242429#Michael MerryAffordable Graphics Chevrolet3391700  Overheating
# - Rookie-of-the-Year Contender

Time of Race .: 1 Hour 19 Minutes 15 Seconds

Average Speed .:50.468

Fast Time .: Jeff Jefferson- 14.298 Seconds

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