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Ukiah Speedway Entry List

Ukiah Speedway
July 14, 2007
North State Challenge Series
0.25-Mile Short Track
0 Laps/0 Miles
Ukiah Speedway

1(1)Mic Moulton ChevroletEureka, California
2(3)Alan Cress ChevroletCoquille, Oregon
3(9)Randy Houston ChevroletCottonwood, California
4(11r)Riley Watson Chevrolet
5(17)C J Bawden ChevroletCarson City, Nevada
6(20)Howard Ford ChevroletCresent City, California
7(22)Mike Millard ChevroletCarson City, Nevada
8(36)Luke Hall ChevroletAlderpoint, California
9(39)Jim Stillman Jr ChevroletLakeport, California
10(41)Junior Roddy ChevroletGualala, California
11(43)Mike Bourbon Chevrolet
12(44)Allen Gibney Jr ChevroletFort Bragg, California
13(50)Jerry Allec Jr ChevroletCarson City, Nevada
14(56)Brandon Barnwell Chevrolet
15(57)Eric Graham ChevroletUkiah, California
16(72)Kyle Pope ChevroletWinchester, Oregon
17(75x)Mike Doss ChevroletUpper Lake, California

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