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Auto Trader 150 Event Page

Colorado National Speedway
June 03, 2006
NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, Southwest Series
0.375-Mile Short Track
151 Laps/57 Miles
Colorado National Speedway
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Top 25 Point Standings After Auto Trader 150

PosDriverPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Avg Fin
1Eric Holmes50531332.7
2Eddy McKean47530234.3
3Rip Michels47530234.3
4Greg Voigt398300210.7
5M K Kanke396301211.7
6David Mayhew394300211.3
7Jim Pettit II377301214.0
8Stephan Sadler345300016.0
9Thomas Martin341301217.3
10Bob Lyon332300117.7
11Kevin Vernon327300018.0
12Auggie Vidovich31821125.0
13Jason Fensler31120125.0
14Kevin Clark294200111.0
15Brandon Loverock279300023.3
16Eric Richardson249200017.5
17Cody Pruitt249200018.0
18Dan Holtz227200016.5
19Terry Lawerence221200017.5
20Darrell LaMoure216200023.0
21Don Campbell207200023.0
22Greg Potts201200024.5
23Richard Johnson198200024.0
24Stan Silva Jr191200022.5
25Matt Crafton18011111.0
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