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2005 ASA Speed Truck Series Point Standings

Hot Wood

PosDriverPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Avg Fin
1Matt Jaskol46893585.0
2Kyle Cattanach45891685.6
3Lee Hatch40292468.7
4Justin Fisher40291668.6
5Steve Guccione39691279.0
6Scott Dodd39491359.1
7Matt Daly364902410.8
8Alex Haase362906610.9
9George Antill342900412.0
10Darren Young334804410.1
11Joey Mogar296900214.4
12Donny Goodwin290701310.3
13Bobby McGowan288901415.0
14Jim Putman288900315.0
15Clay Andrews286902315.1
16Joe Farre280900115.4
17Andy Allen258901316.4
18Kenny Smith242700113.7
19Moses Smith228901318.1
20Scott Franchimone228900118.2
21Kevin Fedderson220700315.1
22Marcus Smith142700120.7
23Terry Young142500017.0
24Patrick Britian138600119.5
25Rob MacDonald136500117.2
26Victor Pfluger120500020.0
27Gabi DiCarlo114500019.8
28Don Davis114500019.4
29Bo Ridley86300017.0
30Robby Mott66300019.7
31Gary Bryant66400023.3
32Daniel Digiacomo64201115.0
33Jim Eichel5210018.0
34Robert Kroeker32100015.0
35Bobby Sayers30200023.5
36Ron Nava30300026.0
37Keith Cummins28100017.0
38Brandon Arciero28100017.0
39Bud Budavari16100023.0
40Angelo Gulotti8100028.0
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