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2007 ASA Speed Truck Series Point Standings

Hot Wood

PosDriverPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Avg Fin
1Victor Pfluger34061554.5
2Darren Young33362464.0
3Randel King31661454.8
4Bear Rzesnowiecky30661455.7
5Jim Putman29461346.7
6Austin Murphy29060356.8
7Andy Allen26060249.3
8Shawn Steele236601211.3
9Tim Allen234600311.5
10Cole Houser224601112.3
11Jeff Catlin224600212.3
12Scott Franchimone210501310.0
13Dallas Colodny206600213.8
14Jason Black168400310.0
15Todd McLauchlan12830029.7
16Kenny Smith118301111.3
17Mike Kai106300013.3
18Jacob Hawkings96300015.0
19Colin Dickinson84300017.0
20Paul Bonaccorsi80201111.0
21Don Davis76200112.0
22Steve Paulauskis66200114.5
23Brandon Arciero64200015.0
24Rick Chavez5010016.0
25James Griffith5010016.0
26Bo Ridley4410019.0
27Jason Noll4410019.0
28Lee Hatch42200020.5
29Rob Mundell36100013.0
30Jessie Houser26100018.0
31Sean Dickinson24100019.0
32Angelo Gulotti16100023.0
33Mike Szlauko00000--
34Ron Nava0100024.0
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