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The Bullring Race Results

The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
October 29, 2011
SRL Spears Southwest Tour Series
0.375-Mile Short Track
154 Laps/58 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
11126 Derek ThornJRi Shocks Toyota1541805,000  Running
2956#Ryan ReedRace Hard Toyota1541701,500  Running
3790 Ross StrmiskaMid-Valley Iron Ford1541651,000  Running
41203 Jim Pettit IIGolden Gate Petroleum Ford154160750  Running
5829 Brennan NewberryNTS Motorsports Chevrolet154155650  Running
6616 Jacob GomesSunnyvalley Smoked Meats Chevrolet154150600  Running
71737 Keith SpanglerSpangler Racing Chevrolet154146600  Running
8433 M K KankeSims Trucking Chevrolet154142600  Running
91842 Dave ByrdWhalen's Mobile Parts Chevrolet153138600  Running
10551 Carlos VieiraAllied Packaging Chevrolet153134600  Running
1107#Michael SandovalSandoval & Son Backhoe Service Ford20130600  Running
1226 Donny St OursRiley's Place Chevrolet153127500  Running
131655#Blake Williams McClintock & Turk Chevrolet153124500  Running
141599#Tim SmithMiller Environmental Chevrolet152121500  Running
152121#Jeff OleenNTS Motorsports Chevrolet152118600  Running
162273#Ken BenhamouS.A.S. German Auto Chevrolet152115600  Running
171322 Craig RaudmanApproved Memory Chevrolet152112500  Running
181924 Scott SanchezHUR Performance Engines Chevrolet151109600  Running
19144 Bob LyonAlliance Rental Solutions Chevrolet106106500  Running
20320 Jared VorseKnight Fire Protection Chevrolet69103500  Accident
211054 Joe FarreSigma Engineering Chevrolet69100450  Accident
221484 Eddie SecordCarpenter Tech Engineering Chevrolet1797450  Engine
23066 Darren BucklinRacing for Jesus Chevrolet0940  DNS
# - Rookie-of-the-Year Contender

Fast Time .: Derek Thorn- 14.393 Seconds

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