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Mike Roos Memorial 140 Race Results

Madera Speedway
September 24, 2011
SRL Spears Southwest Tour Series
0.333-Mile Short Track
140 Laps/47 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
1333 M K KankeSims Trucking Chevrolet14000  
2526 Derek ThornSuperior Crankshaft Chevrolet1401700  
3418 Eric HolmesMoeller Brothers Chevrolet1401650  
419 Justin Westmoreland3M Automotive Ford1401600  
51157 David RossLucas Oil Chevrolet1401550  
6703 Jim Pettit IIGolden Gate Petroleum Chevrolet1401500  
71157 David RossLucas Oil Chevrolet1401460  
81037 Keith SpanglerSpangler Racing Chevrolet1391420  
9147#Michael SandovalSandoval & Son Backhoe Service Ford1391380  
10216 Jacob GomesSunnyvalley Smoked Meats Chevrolet1381340  
111599#Tim SmithMiller Environmental Chevrolet1371300  
121324 Scott SanchezHUR Performance Engines Chevrolet1371270  
131673#Ken BenhamouS.A.S. German Auto Chevrolet1361240  
14842 Dave ByrdLunkerDaddy Fishing Lures Chevrolet1361210  
15690 Ross StrmiskaMid-Valley Iron Ford961180  
161251 Carlos VieiraAllied Packaging Chevrolet761150  
# - Rookie-of-the-Year Contender

Fast Time .: Derek Thorn

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