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Melos Gas & Gear Event Page

Madera Speedway
April 21, 2012
SRL Spears Southwest Tour Series
0.333-Mile Short Track
125 Laps/42 Miles
Madera Speedway
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Currently 52° F
Current Conditions Dense Fog Advisory until Fri Jan 30 2015 12:00 PM
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Top 25 Point Standings After Melos Gas & Gear

PosDriverPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Avg Fin
1M K Kanke34021222.5
2Jason Gilbert32520223.5
3Derek Thorn30820125.5
4Jacob Gomes30421117.0
5Jim Pettit II30420126.0
6Keith Spangler29320127.0
7Ross Strmiska28420028.0
8Carlos Vieira28220118.5
9Greg Voigt27420019.5
10Zane Lovelace265200111.0
11Eddie Secord264200111.0
12David Ross253201114.0
13Dave Byrd236200015.0
14Jared Vorse230200016.0
15Michael Sandoval230200016.0
16Justin Westmoreland227200016.5
17Brandon Loverock225200117.0
18Jonathon Gomez221200017.5
19Jeff Oleen209200019.5
20Tim Smith197200021.5
21Ken Benhamou197200021.5
22Bob Lyon188200023.0
23Scott Sanchez179200024.5
24Eric Schmidt14610017.0
25Greg Potts118100015.0
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