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Winston 200 Race Results

Coos Bay Speedway
July 18, 1993
NASCAR K&N Pro Series
0.25-Mile Short Track
200 Laps/50 Miles
FPSPCar DriverTeam / MakeLapsPointsMoney  Status
1137 Rick CarelliChesrown Auto Group Chevrolet2001855,375  Running
2320 Dirk Stephens Pepsi/Mark's Drywall Ford2001703,100  Running
3291 Robert SpragueBracelin & Yeager/Bandon Ford1991652,500  Running
4475 Bill SedgwickSpears Motorsports Chevrolet1981602,150  Running
5758 Wayne JacksImperial Palace/Kell's Auto Pontiac1971551,670  Running
6615 Rick Scribner All-Pro Auto Parts Chevrolet1971501,350  Running
7812 Bill McAnallyMega Power/MDA Pontiac1941461,200  Running
81048 Jack SellersDad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Chevrolet1921421,150  Running
9560 Larry GunselmanAvenue D Signs/Kentox Pontiac1911381,100  Running
101144 Chuck WelchDad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Chevrolet1901341,050  Running
111268 Larry Gaylord Wholesale Truck Parts Pontiac184130900  Running
121399 Tom Taylor Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Pontiac85127850  Running
13949 Steve Sellers Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer Ford78124800  Engine

Time of Race .: 1 Hour 32 Seconds

Average Speed .:66.079

Margin of Victory .: 3.400 Seconds

Fast Time .: Rick Carelli- 10.897 Seconds

Lap Leaders .: Rick Carelli 1 - 200
      .: No Lead Changes.

Cautions .: 76-82, 136-142
      .: 2 caution periods for 14 laps.

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