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Sponsor Soundoff

Sponsor Soundoff
RacingWest Sponsor Soundoff Posts by give2liveaml
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SERVPRO-SW LAS VEGASThank you Wade and Inkham Adams for sponsoring the number 9 Bomber Roland Pelletier. We appreciate you support.
Posted by give2liveaml on Mar 25, 2011
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Why isn't it letting me to put a negative on a sponsor?
The RacingWest Sponsor Soundoff uses a simple ratio system of two positives to one negative. Only users that have posted at least two positives may post a negative.
How come my comments and rating on a sponsor was removed?
RacingWest reserves the right to remove frivolous or inappropriate posts.
How come my account was disabled? How can I get it re-enabled
RacingWest users that have comments removed several times for violations will have their accounts disabled. It is not worth our time to remove it or another person's time to have to read it. A user being only negative should put that energy into something more positive. If you still feel your account should be re-enabled please let us know.
Why do you have this Sponsor Soundoff page anyway?
RacingWest has decided to give the racing community a chance to praise sponsors that are helping the sport. It is not the intent to have any sponsor receive a negative or neutral, but we understand that the only way to be honest is to allow all opinions. It is our hope that we never see a negative. We do however hope that there is a strong show of support for the sponsors that have spoke with their dollars in support of racing in the west.