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Leemore Raceway - September 18, 2011 Results

Race results for the Jr Sprints - Reliable Ag Transport, Non Wing - Shaw's Structures Unlimited, Restricted H & S Body Works & Towing, Stock Class - Specialty Crane & Rigging, Super 600 - Bullet Impressions Race Chic, from Leemore Raceway on 09/18/2011.

Jr Sprints - Reliable Ag Transport

A Main
20 Laps/3 Miles
121Cole Macedo20
25454b Bryson Berna20
31Kameron Beard20
433e Bryce Eames20
544h Tyler Stidham20
657Austin Warmerdam20
71717w Michael Wagner20
866t - Jack Tracy20
944t - Miss Tanner Baker20
1022j Jenna Mynderup (rookie19
1188Chris Hernandez19
1251Garrett Twitty (rookie)19
13151Colby Jones18

Time of Race .: 5 Minutes 54 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 0.499 Second

Non Wing - Shaw's Structures Unlimited

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
188Koen Shaw30
27777n Dj Netto30
376Kj Snow30
49Jerome Warmerdam30
516Jacob Clark30
68888w Ryan Worth30
712Donny Piper30
829Austin Stone30

Time of Race .: 18 Minutes 24 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 0.880 Second

Restricted H & S Body Works & Towing

A Main
25 Laps/4 Miles
141Giovanni Scelzi25
279Dahne Lynn Mckay25
31111e Cory Elliott25
41414b Brayden Perry25
5151Griffith Jones25
63Cole Christensen25
727Alex Coronado (rookie)25
821Carson Macedo25
978Brayden Trigueiro25
108Bryce Volpa24
1101Mitchell Moles24
1233k Kaleb Montgomery24
132121d Dillon Tucker24
141010m Mathew Moles24
151717m William Martyn21

Time of Race .: 7 Minutes 37 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 5.822 Seconds

Stock Class - Specialty Crane & Rigging

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
11515t Tristan Guardino30
288Koen Shaw30
333Tucker Worth30
498Sean Watts30
55Collin Markle30
676Darrick Gowens30
72222b Buddy Shepherd30
844r Alexandria "alex" Rais30
999Gerrit Willard30
1075Brendan Warmerdam29
117Ethan Myatt**29
1263Justin Rich29
132020e Ethan Evans28
143333bc Danny Faria28

Time of Race .: 18 Minutes 19 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 2.245 Seconds

Super 600 - Bullet Impressions Race Chic

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
141Dominic Scelzi30
24Mitchell Faccinto30
31Michael Faccinto30
42121b Dylan Black30
579Heath Duinkerken30
66666r - Jason Rogers30
78888w Ryan Worth30
88888n Dj Netto30
988Koen Shaw30
101010j Cory Elliason30
1113Trent Carter30
1244Ben Worth29
1337Conley Scott29
14179Landon Hurst29

Time of Race .: 5 Minutes 44 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 1.292 Seconds

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