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Leemore Raceway - October 08, 2011 Results

Race results for the 1200 Mini Sprints, Full Midgets Non Wing, Jr Sprints - Reliable Ag Transport, Non Wing - Shaw's Structures Unlimited, Restricted H & S Body Works & Towing, Super 600 - Bullet Impressions Race Chic, from Leemore Raceway on 10/08/2011.

1200 Mini Sprints

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
110Brock Lemley30
287Liam Ryan30
31010x Brian Corso30
413Steven Hendrickson30
511Dwayne Mackey30
61Roger Rose30
777Cameron Beard29

Time of Race .: 11 Minutes 37 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 0.761 Second

Full Midgets Non Wing

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
100Pete Daus30
215David Prickett30
34Josh Lakates30
48Randi Pankratz30
505Jacob Swanson30
618Tyler Dolacki30
71515n Connor Kassik30
851Kyle Evans30
944g Chris Gansen30
1039Kyle Edwards30
1144Chris Swanson29

Time of Race .: 17 Minutes 31 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 1.511 Seconds

Jr Sprints - Reliable Ag Transport

A Main
20 Laps/3 Miles
15454b Bryson Berna20
237Ryan Delisle20
31Kameron Beard20
466t - Jack Tracy20
551Garrett Twitty (rookie)19
688Chris Hernandez18

Time of Race .: 4 Minutes 34 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 1.801 Seconds

Non Wing - Shaw's Structures Unlimited

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
11Michael Faccinto30
210Brock Lemley30
31515t Tristan Guardino30
47676x Darrick Gowens30
537Matt Peterson30
612Donny Piper30
72David Prickett29

Time of Race .: 25 Minutes 5 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 2.578 Seconds

Restricted H & S Body Works & Towing

A Main
25 Laps/4 Miles
11111e Cory Elliott25
21414b Brayden Perry25
327Alex Coronado (rookie)25
479Dahne Lynn Mckay25
51010m Mathew Moles25
629Ryan Timmons25
701Mitchell Moles25
82323r Dylan Resch25
99999t Tanner Boul25
1033k Kaleb Montgomery25
111717m William Martyn24
1211t Skyler Turner22

Time of Race .: 10 Minutes 47 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 1.764 Seconds

Super 600 - Bullet Impressions Race Chic

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
18Dean "kiwi" Alexander30
22121b Dylan Black30
36666r - Jason Rogers30
410Brock Lemley30
58888w Ryan Worth30
64Mitchell Faccinto30
7179Landon Hurst30
81010j Cory Elliason30
914Jake Hagopian30
1033Tucker Worth30
1199t J.r. Thomas30
125656k Kelly Mauck30
1388v Bryce Volpa25

Time of Race .: 13 Minutes 48 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 1.292 Seconds

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