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Leemore Raceway - October 09, 2011 Results

Race results for the Non Wing - Shaw's Structures Unlimited, Restricted H & S Body Works & Towing, Super 600 - Bullet Impressions Race Chic, from Leemore Raceway on 10/09/2011.

Non Wing - Shaw's Structures Unlimited

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
141Dominic Scelzi30
237Matt Peterson30
31010j Jake Hagopian30
41515t Tristan Guardino30
511x Austin Stone30
64141jr Giovanni Scelzi30
727Alex Cornado30
81010d Eric Drake30

Time of Race .: 27 Minutes 23 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 1.384 Seconds

Restricted H & S Body Works & Towing

A Main
25 Laps/4 Miles
11010m Mathew Moles25
279Dahne Lynn Mckay25
301Mitchell Moles25
42121d Dillon Tucker25
51111e Cory Elliott25
61414b Brayden Perry25
729Ryan Timmons25
833k Kaleb Montgomery25
92323r Dylan Resch25
101717m William Martyn25
1111t Skyler Turner23

Time of Race .: 5 Minutes 28 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 0.648 Second

Super 600 - Bullet Impressions Race Chic

A Main
30 Laps/5 Miles
166r Dustin O'brien30
22121b Dylan Black30
34Mitchell Faccinto30
41010j Jake Hagopian30
529Austin Stone30
679Heath Duinkerken30
76666r - Jason Rogers30
88888w Ryan Worth30
9179Landon Hurst30
108Dean "kiwi" Alexander30
1133Tucker Worth30
1299t J.r. Thomas30
1388v Bryce Volpa30
144444x Charlie Powell29
152020e Ethan Evans28

Time of Race .: 9 Minutes 53 Seconds

Margin of Victory .: 0.192 Second